3 myths about boys!

Boys experience puberty too!

3 myths about boys!

Puberty is something that we all experience. It can be a really challenging journey and often feels like you’re going through it all alone, but it doesn’t need to feel this way!

Talking about things such as periods or mood swings with the people close to you can help you to learn more about the changes you’re going through. It’s also a great way to give and share advice.

Sometimes we feel less comfortable talking to boys about puberty than we do girls, often because we have the wrong idea about what they really think about us.

Well Springsters, we’re here to bust those myths!

Myth 1 - Boy’s bodies don’t go through changes

Just because boys don’t have periods, doesn’t mean they don’t experience puberty too. Just like us their bodies are also going through changes and adjustments! For example, did you know that this is when boys start to grow hair everywhere and their voices get deeper?

Myth 2 - Boys don’t know anything about girls

That’s not completely true, but if you do have a male friend or a brother who just doesn’t understand what you’re going through, tell them! Be prepared as they may have lots of questions – just answer the ones that you’re comfortable with!

Myth 3 - Boys don’t care about what we’re going through

Boys can be a really good listeners and are more interested in our wellbeing than we think. Even though it sometimes might not feel like it, they care about what we experience.

Puberty can be a really difficult time, but the more we speak openly about it, the more our close friends will understand us!

Being honest and open with one another will help us to learn more. Puberty is nothing to be afraid of, we all go through it!