Depression sucks

But it's OK to not be OK

Depression sucks

My name is Ari. Sometimes I get depressed.

Being depressed is not the same as being sad. It’s an intense sadness which may make you feel, hopeless, helpless and worthless. It is usually something you feel for a longer period of time, not just one or two days. Sometimes there’s a reason, sometimes it is not clear why you are feeling that way. Also adding to the situation, we are at a time in our lives where we are experiencing many changes and crazy hormone levels.

Depression sucks.

Depression brings you down to your lowest point. You may have no desire to eat, cry for no reason at all, or all of a sudden you don’t enjoy all the things you love to do. You could feel angry at your life and just the simple act of getting out of bed may seem like a really hard task.

Does this sounds familiar? Don’t worry it’s totally and completely OK to not be OK.
The first thing you need to know is that it’s normal to break down or feel down sometimes. You are not a freak. Take your time and don’t worry about how long you have been feeling this way. It’s different for every person.

But beware though, sometimes advice from friends and family, who don’t understand what you’re feeling, might leave you feeling more annoyed or more sad. When my mom tells me to ‘cheer up!’, she wants to help. She doesn’t mean to add to my depression. But maybe she doesn’t know what you need. The Internet is a great tool if you’re looking for more information about depression or to find others in your same exact situation.

If you find yourself feeling hopeless most days, constantly tired, losing interest in a lot of things you usually enjoy and thinking a lot about death, you may need to get help. Talk to someone you trust, your teacher, your parents about your feelings. Find out whether there is a counselor you can talk to at your local clinic or if there is a helpline you can call.

Just remember that you are not alone, there are people who care about you. Millions and millions of other girls are here with us. And it hurts, but we’re not alone.