Disabilities don’t define you!

You can still achieve your dreams

Disabilities don’t define you!

Growing up I found school difficult because when I was 5 I was in a car accident that left me with a brain injury.

Doctors said I wouldn’t be the same again. Some even said I wouldn’t amount to much in life because of the disability, but I didn’t believe them.

My grandma always told me I was special and that I shouldn’t let the world put limitations on me. So I made a decision to listen to her and ignored all the negativity.

Although I found it hard to learn in the classroom, I discovered I was really good at fixing things. History and Geography may not have been my strengths, but give me a radio and I could fix it! Give me a car and I could get the engine running again!

I told my parents about my dreams to own my own mechanic shop one day and they loved it! My dad suggested I start small by helping people in my community and working with my uncle in his car garage. Soon everyone knew me as the fixer and my business started to grow!

My disability taught me that being smart in school does not define my worth. My life still matters. We all have different gifts and talents and they can be used in many ways, so think outside the box! Being disabled also doesn’t make you worse off. You can still achieve your dreams and be who you want to be! If I can do it then so can you!