Does he like you?

Here’s how to read the signs

Does he like you?

Do you stay awake thinking of someone? Do you wonder if he is thinking about you too? We have been there. It is very normal to start thinking of boys as we grow older. This is part of puberty and adulthood.

Like my friend Sarah. She had a crush on a boy called TJ, but she was nervous about making the first move. She’s the kind of person who likes to be sure of things before she takes action. Based on their last conversation, Sarah had a good feeling about TJ but she still asked her big sister for advice to be extra sure.

Here is some of Sarah and TJ’s last discussion:

TJ – Wow Sarah, you changed your hairstyle. I really like this braid on you. I like it more than the ponytail you had last time.

Sarah – Thanks! Long time, no see.

TJ – Yes, it’s been very long. I told my best friend about you yesterday. I told him how I miss hanging out with you.

Sarah – Oh that’s nice. What have you been up to?

TJ – Nothing really. I am watching that TV show you talked about. I love it! Can we watch the next episode together?

After Sarah told her sister about the conversation, her big sister shared some great tips on how to know if a boy likes you or not. Here’s what she said:

  1. If a boy notices things about your appearance a lot, maybe he likes you. Especially when he remembers how you looked in the past. TJ notices all of Sarah’s hairstyles.

  2. If a boy tells his friends about you, he may like you. He is telling his friends because he wants you to meet them.

  3. If a boy takes interest in the things you do, then he may like you. TJ remembers the TV show Sarah mentioned. He looked for it and started watching it. He wants to enjoy what she’s enjoying.

  4. Also, TJ wants to watch the TV show with her. A boy that likes you will probably suggest activities you can do together.

Based on the great advice from her big sister, Sarah made her move and told TJ how she felt about him. Turns out he also felt the same way! YAY, Team Sarah and TJ!

Even though you may not have a big sister like Sarah does, you can always talk to other girls who you trust in your community about problems you may have!