Four things you need to know about your parents

We’ll let you in on some secrets

Four things you need to know about your parents

Oh my God, parents! We love them, but sometimes… like we said, oh my God! One day after school, my friends and I were gossiping. And gossiping. We began making lists. Lists of all the annoying things our parents are doing that are ruining our lives.

It was a long list. I brought them to my older sister Shara. Who would understand better than my older sister, right?! Wrong. She has a two-year-old baby. She said that if we were going to make a list, she would make her own. You decide who is right.

1. They will try to patronize you.
Us: They tell us what’s okay or what’s not. They question our choice of friends, clothes, music, interests... basically everything.
My Sister: They have a thing you don’t yet — experience. They’re not always right, that’s true, but they know more things about life than you and they just want to help you stay on the right path.

2. They are nosy.
Us: They question us constantly and sometimes even go through your things. Annoying!
My Sister: They are curious and interested about what’s going on in your life. It might seem like they don’t trust you... and although they might overboard sometimes, they mean well.

3. They are bossy.
Us: They enforce a strict curfew! We have chores to do around the house! They have all of these rules that we have to follow! They don’t understand us!
My Sister: Your parents work hard and provide you with a home over your head and put food on your plate. They do deserve some mad props for that.

4. They love you to bits.
Us: Ok, but...
My Sister: Your mom went through the incredibly hard process of pregnancy and labor to bring you into the world and your family has committed a large portion of their life to see you grow and thrive. Everything they do, even if it seems annoying, mean, unfair or wrong, is to help you be your best and avoid getting hurt. It might not always be the right thing but their heart is always in the right place.