How I became a make-up pro

My best friend helped me believe in my talents

How I became a make-up pro

"Help Needed For the Drama Concert: Looking for a make-up artist."

My stomach fluttered when I read the poster. I felt nervous, but I wanted to help. I loved art class, and I was good at painting pictures, but could I paint real people's faces? Being the make-up artist for the school concert was a big deal. It was the biggest event at school. What if I made a mistake? Painting a picture in art class was one thing, but painting a character for everyone to see? That seemed a bit scary.

I was about to forget the idea when my best friend Lola – who was the lead actress in the play – walked up behind me.

"What are you daydreaming about Nadia?" she asked in a cheerful tone.

"Oh nothing" I lied, but Lola knew me too well.

"I know that expression of yours… You are overthinking again."

"Well...Okay," I stuttered. "I've had a pretty crazy idea. I thought I could help with make-up for the play."

"Oh, Nadia. How fantastic!" Lola almost screamed. She told me that I was the most artistic person she knew and that I had to do it.

"Come to my house after school, and I'll get some of the actors together. Bring your paints along, and I'll ask my mum if we can use some of her make-up. I believe in you, Nadia. You can do this!"

As I walked to Lola house, I felt terrified and wished that I hadn't agreed to this plan. However, when I arrived three cast members were already waiting for me, and they all had massive smiles on their faces. I couldn't back out now! My friend Edo pointed at a small table, and above it was a sign that read: "Nadia's Magical Make-up Studio."

One by one, the cast showed me a picture of the make-up style they wanted, and I began painting them. That day I turned one of the boys into a lion, transformed Lola into a beautiful Queen, and worked my magic by changing an older girl into a wicked witch with a bright green face. I had so much fun that I forgot I was ever scared!

That was the day my friends believed in me so much that I began to believe in myself. Thanks to my friends I now dare to follow my dreams.

Now I know that I'm a make-up pro!