It’s time to speak up!

If there’s a fire in your heart you need to let it out

It’s time to speak up!

I’ve always loved art and fabrics. Whenever I draw I feel amazing like my heart is filled with joy and passion. I felt deep down in my heart that I would have my own fashion label. My school didn’t offer any art subjects so I thought about doing after school sewing and drawing classes to improve my skills. The only problem was that everyone in my house works at the family restaurant. All my dad says to me is “ I have big dreams for you to work as a cashier at the restaurant.” My dad had dreams for me but I had other dreams for myself. I didn’t know how to break the news to him. His only daughter didn’t want to work at his restaurant.

One evening after reading articles about confidence on Springster I built up enough courage to tell my dad I wanted to become a fashion designer. I wish this was the part in the story where I say my dad said yes and everything went well. Unfortunately he wasn’t happy at all…He asked me a million questions I couldn’t answer. I left crying and went to my room, I was so sad about how the conversation went. My big brother came in because he had heard the whole conversation. “Mazzy you need a plan” he said. “You can’t just stroll up to dad with no idea what course you want to do or examples of clothes you’ve designed. How can you expect him to believe you really want it.” He had a good point!

So over the following months I saved up money to rent a sewing machine and after school I made scarfs for all my aunties to show my dad I really wanted this. I found a sewing course close to home which meant I could still work at the restaurant some days. After 6 months I gave it another try. I went back to my dad and asked again and this time he was totally supportive!

So Springsters learn from me and follow these steps when talking to parents about your dreams

1.Take time to plan your conversation. Have all your talking points ready and talk it through with an older sibling if you can.

2.Create an action plan and START working on it so you have something to show. It helps when they can already see you working towards that dream.

3.Try and speak to them when it’s convenient for them. If the conversation doesn’t go well the first time don’t get discouraged. Be persistent and ask them for tips on how to improve your idea.

If you’re still not comfortable talking to them try writing a letter or asking another adult to talk to them on your behalf.