My bestie went for her dreams - and made it!

And now she’s helping me reach mine

My bestie went for her dreams - and made it!

Having dreams about who and what we want to be can be a little scary. But as soon as you let yourself dream it, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. My bestie Ezra decided to stand up for her dream, and she never looked back. Now she’s inspiring me to stand up for my dreams too!

Ezra always wanted to be a ceramist, she dreamt of making ceramics - from bowls and vases to more advanced sculptures.

Her parents wanted her to do something more stable and serious, like become a doctor or a teacher. She was clever, but she was a creative at heart which is why she wanted to pursue a passion that let her be both.

Ezra loved starting with an idea and working with her hands to turn it into a reality. She would spend hours shaping pieces. No one had a steadier hand than her, which made the details in her work impressive. Seeing the smiles on people’s face when she created something just for them gave her so much happiness.

She started making small items for her friends. When she received glowing feedback, she decided to start a small stall on weekends while she was still in school.

Now, she sells her work to bigger stores in her city. She gets to use her hands to make her art and she also enjoys the challenges of running her own business.

Ezra’s journey to her dream wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight. But she did make small steps each day to make sure she got there.

Here’s some of the advice she gave me that you can follow too!

  • No dream is too big, too small or too silly. Never deny yourself of your own dreams. Own it, and know you deserve it.
  • Let yourself visualise your dreams. Try creating a vision board. Cut out and put together images that inspire you - people, places, and careers. Put it up somewhere you can see when you wake up or in your private journal. That way, your vision will be in your sights every day.
  • Share your dreams with others. It will help you stick to them, and it will also create support systems around you. You never know who can help you along the way to reaching your dreams.

So what’s stopping you? Start now!