Representing all my girls!

We can be leaders too

Representing all my girls!

Has anyone ever told you that only boys can be leaders? Or girls are meant to sit on the side and be quiet? Well, if you’ve been told that all your life I’m here to let you know it’s not true!

My name is Selma and I go to a mixed school. Every year there are open positions for the Student Council. This is a group of students who hold leadership positions and represent all the other students when big decisions are being made. Also, if there’s something the students are unhappy with, the Student Council can take the case to the Head Teacher.

In the past all the student council positions have been held by boys. Some girls have run but they always ended up picking a boy. Some of the boys were good leaders but sometimes when us girls raised issues that affected us it seemed like nothing was ever done and nobody listened. Something about that didn’t seem right to me. Girls and boys are equal and both voices deserved to be heard.

Once I became eligible I decided to run for a position on the council, because it was about time someone represented the girls. One of us had to step forward and be the voice for other girls who didn’t have the opportunity to express themselves. And that person was ME!

I campaigned hard and eventually I got the spot! In the beginning, being the only girl was intimidating but I knew I had to be brave because all the other girls were counting on me. After our first meeting the boys quickly realised that girls can make great contributions too and ideas are better when both girls and boys work together. Us girls have a unique way of thinking and so when decisions are being made it’s important that we show up and voice our opinion. You can’t always wait for an invitation to speak, you just have to go for it.

So remember Springsters - what you have to say matters and other girls are counting on you, so believe in yourself and go after what’s yours.