The Springster Code

Celebrating the Community that Unites Us

The Springster Code

Hey, girl, hey! Welcome to Springster, the place for girls!

Springster is a place for you to hang out, share cool stories, learn amazing new stuff, and maybe even change the world.

So, what’s it mean to be a Springster?

Everyone’s a Springster!

You, your friends, your sister… maybe your cat? It’s all good: anyone can be a Springster!

Always Together, Never Alone!

Springsters stick together and support each other when things are good and when things are bad.

Share the Love!

Don't be shy! Share your story! No judgement, just love.

Keep Believing!

When times are tough, we get back up and we get going, thanks to our friends, family, and community!

Put in the Work!

If it was easy, everyone would do it! We work hard, make plans, and have fun!

Break Barriers!

Sometimes, people will tell you that you can’t go after your dreams just because they can. Let’s ignore those people, ok?

Stay Silly!

We work hard, we believe hard, and we never forget to have fun on the way.

Once a Springster, Always a Springster!

Springsters are for life! No matter what happens, we’ll always have each other’s back!

Pretty cool, right?