True stories: Sasha's period drama

How quick thinking saved the day!

True stories: Sasha's period drama

It was the final night of the drama concert and I was so excited for our finale show. We'd had a successful run, and I loved my role in the play! I was the mischievous and clever bird who tricked the hunter and saved the animal kingdom. I even got to fly across the audience at one point, using a strong rope that was attached to the ceiling!

An hour before the show, I started getting a stomach ache. "Just my luck," I thought. "I must have eaten something a bit strange." I took a tablet and decided to forget about it. I had a show to do after all.

The first half of the play was brilliant, but as I entered the stage for my most important scene – the one where I trick the hunter and free all the animals - I felt something wet between my legs. "Oh, no..." I thought, suddenly feeling panicked. "I've started my period." I realized I would need to act quickly. I was wearing a white leotard, and everyone was watching me… but I had a plan!

Instead of flying over the hunter and freeing the animals, I decided to jump into his big cooking pot and distract him.

Although this wasn't part of the story, I shouted to my animal helpers from the pot. "Please carry me to the mountains. We must destroy the hunters cooking pot before he turns us into dinner!”

My friends looked a little confused, but I caught the eye of my best friend Sarah and gave her a worried look. She quickly called the animal helpers, and they all got me off stage in a second. Once there I quickly told Sarah what had happened. She gave me a hug and told me not to worry at all, because periods are completely normal. She took me to the bathroom while telling the others to do the animal dance on stage. She handed me a pad, and a bright pink skirt to wear over my stained leotard. I grabbed my wings as I ran back on stage, and jumped into the final celebration dance.

Thanks to some quick thinking and the help of my best friend, I survived my period drama and used my creativity to avoid feeling embarrassed. I am proud of my quick thinking and lucky to have a friend as wonderful as Sarah to help me through tricky situations. Periods are normal and nothing to be ashamed of!