3 facts every girl needs to know...

There is no ‘normal’ period!

3 facts every girl needs to know...

From choosing the right period products to managing your mood swings - periods can start to feel like a bit of a mess! But they don’t have to be. Here’s some facts about your period to help you manage it:

1. Get to know what’s going on in your body.

The more you know about what to expect at different stages of your cycle, the easier it is to manage. During the early phase of your period, your hormones create eggs in your ovaries. In the next phase, your ovaries release these eggs. Meanwhile, your hormones are helping to build the lining of your womb, so that if your eggs are fertilised (by male sperm), it is ready to prepare for pregnancy. If the eggs are not fertilised, this lining is released through the vagina in a liquid form that includes blood (your period). That’s it - it’s nothing scary or weird, just your amazing body keeping busy doing amazing things!

2. Bleeding - what’s normal?

While it may seem like there’s a mess in your underwear, you’re not actually bleeding as much as it seems. The average amount of blood is 2-4 tablespoons during your whole period. The rest is mucus and tissue. If you do ever worry you are losing too much blood, get in touch with your doctor.

For the first few years of your period, cycles are a bit irregular. Some months you’ll notice more blood, others it will feel lighter.

3. Mood swings are not made up.

Feeling extra fragile, bloated or grumpy just before your period? PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is the name for the emotional and physical changes to your body pre-menstruation. Hormones and other chemical changes in your brain trigger these, so be extra kind to yourself during this time.

Most of all - own your period journey. No two periods are the same and you have to do what is most comfortable and nurturing for your body and mind. Take care of yourself whilst your body is busy doing wonderful things!