5 natural - and cheap! - beauty products in your kitchen

It doesn’t cost much to feel great!

5 natural - and cheap! - beauty products in your kitchen

Guess what? You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on expensive cosmetics and toiletries — all you have to do is take a creative look through your kitchen! Seriously! You might have never guessed it, but nature is your BFF when it comes to looking and feeling great.

1. Coffee Grounds
Does your dry-season skin need some exfoliating? Mix leftover coffee grounds with a little bit of water and a pinch of coconut oil and you’ve got a super exfoliating (and delicious-smelling!) body scrub. Just rub it in and wash those dry patches away. Even better? Everything in the scrub is totally natural and totally biodegradable. You get extra points for a beauty product that keeps Mother Nature lovely too!

2. Limes
Don’t throw away your leftover limes! Save them to clean your nails and cuticles. Thanks to citric acids, all you have to do to keep your nails shiny and healthy is rub a lime slice over your fingertips before washing them. Be careful, though — if you have a hangnail or cut, the lime juice is a guaranteed ‘OUCH!’

3. Coconut Oil
You probably already use coconut oil in most of your cooking, but did you know that you can use it on your hair, too? If you have dry, frizzy hair or battle with split ends, coconut oil is the answer — a light dab of coconut oil makes a perfect leave-in moisturising conditioner.

4. Garlic
Having some skin blemish problems? Cut a clove of garlic in two then apply to the pesky pimples — but make sure you wash it off before you go out so that your face isn’t smelly! Garlic’s antibacterial properties will ease the inflammation and help your skin to heal itself faster. And remember, don’t pick your pimples! Hands off!

5. Aloe Vera
An easy sweet dessert to whip out on a cool day is freezing water and sugar in and on days you’re feeling adventurous you may add syrup and aloe vera. But how exactly will this aloe vera dessert make us shine? Well, after a nasty sunburn or acne breakout, apply some freshly cut aloe vera on your skin. Watch as the skin gets soothed and that super annoying burning stops. Bonus? Using it on trouble spots will help reduce redness and bumps.

But there’s one beauty supply that you cannot buy at the store, no matter how hard you look. The only really effective way to be beautiful is to love yourself for who you are, no matter what.