How I told my dad about my period!

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be

How I told my dad about my period!

When I got my period for the first time, I wasn’t shocked or scared, because in my group of friends we had talked a lot about periods, and one or two of my friends had got theirs a few months before.

What I was worried about was having to tell my dad!

At home, it’s just my dad, myself and my little sister. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain “girl things” to him, because he hasn’t experienced these things. But this, I knew we had to talk about.

I wrote down beforehand how I was going to tell him. I know he knows how periods work, but I wanted him to know that it was a big moment in my life, and that because we don’t have a mom I would need support from him to buy sanitary pads and possibly painkillers if I suffered from cramps or headaches.

After dinner one evening, when my sister had gone to bed, I took a deep breath and asked my dad if we could talk. My heart was racing, but when I told him, his face said it all. He was so proud of me for being brave enough to talk to him about it and said that he will be there for me if I need anything or have any questions, and that nothing is too embarrassing to ask for.

I felt such relief! This milestone in my life could have been a tough time, but my dad was so calm about it. And now that I know I have his support, I feel so happy.

So if you’re needing to chat to a parent or guardian about your period, or another topic that you’re worried or embarrassed about, try these tips:

  1. Be confident (even if you’re not feeling so brave inside!).
  2. Stay calm and don’t be shy – periods are a human fact of life.
  3. Ask for help if you need it.
  4. Clearly explain your feelings.

You’ve got this!