Junk food is so out

...And eating healthy is in! It’s time to treat yourself right

Junk food is so out

Teenagers have a lot to do everyday, from school to study groups to sports and other extracurricular activities, to babysitting and helping around the house. It’s no surprise that your body needs a lot of energy, but you need to fuel it up right!

Teenagers need good nutrients and although fried chips and softdrinks might taste great, they aren’t great for your growing body. They’re actually really bad for your health, so the earlier you ditch those sugary sweet drinks and start making good food choices, the better you will feel. It’s easier than you think,girl!

Why eat better?
Although it seems like you can eat anything, for example, junk food followed by ice cream for dinner and not gain a pound, poor eating choices do have a bad effect on your life. Your body needs lots of nutrients to keep your body and mind growing — and to stay strong. Eating more fruits and vegetables will help protect you from illness and injury and keep you energized for your studies, your chores, and your hobbies.

Mom knows best!
This extends to the kitchen, too. Mom’s been making you wholesome healthy meals your whole life, so who better to help you start your new healthy-eating life? Help her while she is preparing meals in the kitchen to pick up some food and cooking tips, like what ingredients go together to make a balanced meal, how to season meats and vegetables, and how to cook everything to perfection.

Water is your best friend.
It’s not the most fun or exciting beverage on the menu, but water is the best thing you can drink. It’s essential to our health and our bodies are a whopping 60 percent of water. We constantly need to replenish because we lose large amounts of it during the day sweating, urinating, and even breathing.

To make your water special without adding extra sugar or calories, try adding fruit and vegetable, like lemons or strawberries, for some tasty flavor. Or grab a soda water if you want that fizzy feeling.

It Is Sooooo Not About Dieting
When people say stuff like “Oh, I need to go on a diet!” they never really ask themselves why, or even really think about what a diet is. A lot of the talk aimed at us ladies about dieting isn’t even really about us and our health and happiness, it is about other people trying to tell us how to look so that they can make money off us.

Being healthy is a life choice you make for you, because you want to feel better and be healthier. You don’t eat more vegetables and fruit because someone else wants you to, you do it for yourself! It is like saying: “Hey body! You’re pretty awesome and I want you to be happy. Have an apple.”

So... long story short.
You’ve only got one body! Love it and keep it healthy!