Whose path should you take?

Your life. Your decisions.

Whose path should you take?

Hey Springsters,

There’s nothing harder than having to choose between the path our parents want for us and the path we want for ourselves.

I love my parents very much, I mean their blood is running through my veins – it doesn’t get closer than that. However, it’s important to remember that we’re still different people, with different minds and hearts.

I never told my parents about my dream of being a writer because they really wanted me to get good at maths and work as a cashier in the local shop. They said cashiers get paid well and it would look good for the family reputation.

Because I loved them so much, I ignored my own desires and pursued what they wanted for me. I allowed them to make all the decisions and I kept quiet.

In the evening instead of practising my creative writing, I practised maths. In school I specialised in maths and business instead of literature and creative writing. When I finally got a job as a cashier, I felt happy because my parents were proud of me, but as time went by my happiness levels started going down.

Speaking up about what you want isn’t easy but it’s possible. Looking back at it, I wished I had voiced my opinion and talked to my parents about the decision. Yes, parents are there to help guide us but you have an important role to play in making decisions that involve you.

Speak up and follow your heart because what you have to say matters. Don’t spend your days thinking of all the things you could have done when you can start speaking up for yourself now.

I’ve started following my dreams by writing short poems. When I finish I’m going to give them to my parents to read and talk to them about my real passion for writing.

P.S. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to pick the “right” path. Life is a journey not a sprint. So even if you start going down one path and you realise you don’t like, it you can always turn around and go in a different direction. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams.