3 Ways good friends can make you happier

Don’t face your problems alone, turn to your friends

3 Ways good friends can make you happier

Having friends that we can turn to can make our lives better.

If you've been going through a difficult problem in your life but haven't been sure if you can turn to your friends, read on to find out why you should...

1. A shoulder to lean or cry on
It's good to have a friend you can turn to and express yourself with when you're feeling blue. Opening up to a trusted friend is usually better than keeping quiet about your problem. It helps shed the stress and chances are you will feel better.

And you can do the same for your friends. If you notice that they aren't themselves, ask them if they want to talk about it. All you have to do really is to listen to them and hug them because sometimes that’s all we need.

2. They can give you a different way of looking at things
Opening up to your friend on a problem that you're experiencing gives you the chance to explore different ways of solving it.

Your friend can give you advice that let's you see the problem from a different angle, which can bring you that little bit closer to solving it!

3. Make you smile more
Friends can give us great entertainment doing the simplest things like playing outside, walking to the park or listening to music together. When you’re having fun with friends you won't have time to think about all the things that make you feel sad.

The same goes for your friends. If you notice that your friend is feeling down, you can invite them out for a day of fun. This will help ease their mind and possibly make them feel better.

So whatever it is that you're going through remember that you aren't alone and you can turn to your friends for help. And if your friends are feeling down, do something to try make them feel better. Because that’s what friends are for.