5 Things you can overcome with help from your friends

Here's how solid friendships can improve your life

5 Things you can overcome with help from your friends

Supportive, positive friends are those who encourage us to work harder, give us hugs and great advice when we're feeling down and generally make our lives better. Here are 5 situations that you can get through with a little less effort when you have a good friend by your side. 1. A break-up
A break-up can be a difficult and confusing time for the best of us. But having trusted friends to turn to makes it easier to get through the heartache.

Talking to your guy or girl friends about the pain you're feeling can give you comfort or cheer you up. Hanging out with your friends can also be a great distraction from thinking about the love you've recently lost.

2. Difficulties with school work
Why struggle with school work when you've got friends?

So, the next time you're having difficulties solving maths problems or writing that book review in English class, ask for help from your friends who are better than you in those subjects.

3. Bullying
Sometimes a bully will pick on someone who seems like they're a loner and may not have anyone to defend them.

But when you have a circle of supportive friends that you can hang out with during lunch or walk home with after school, it can become a shield of protection for you against the bully.

If you're already being bullied try not to think of it as embarrassing or humiliating. The problem is with the bully and not you, so speak to your close friends and together you can find ways to report the bully either to your parents or the school.

4. Issues at home
Talking about the issues you have at home to a true friend can give you comfort and hope. Hanging out with your friend can also be a smart way to distract yourself from issues at home that you have no control over.

Spending time and confiding in a trusted friend is a sure way to strengthen the friendship and possibly build a friendship for life.

5. Your insecurities
Maybe you think you're not smart enough, or that you're too big or too small- having a circle of positive friends can help boost your confidence. True friends encourage us to see our inner beauty instead of focusing on our flaws.

Remember, a true friend is there to improve your life by being supportive, caring and loyal.