5 ways to ask for help when you need it

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5 ways to ask for help when you need it

Sometimes life can feel a bit overwhelming with all your responsibilities and dreams. Perhaps you’re preparing for exams or a big test; or you’re wanting to save your pocket money but you don’t know how; maybe you’re dreaming of a certain job but you don’t know how to get it.

Asking your parents or caregiver for advice could help set you on the right track. If you’re struggling to start the conversation, follow these five tips…

1. Step into your adult shoes.
By doing this, we mean that you need to try and see your situation from their perspective. They might give you advice that you don’t want to hear or which means harder work from your side. But they’re adults who know a bit more about life and its ups and downs.

2. Find a nice, quiet time to chat.
If you've got a good relationship, it will be easier for you to ask them if you can have five minutes of their time. But if you're not very close, try to build a better connection with them by helping around the house or with their work, and creating opportunities where you could talk.

3. Speak clearly and confidently.
Write down exactly what you need advice with and practice saying it out loud. If you come across as confident and know what you want to say they’ll understand that you're serious about this and will try to have a more open mind.

4. Be prepared.
If you know what types of questions they might ask you, then you can prepare your responses clearly and help them see where you are coming from. Preparation means things may go a lot smoother, but remember to listen to their ideas too.

5. Have a Plan B.
When you do approach them, if they do react badly, don't rise to it. Rather take a few deep breaths and stay calm. Let them have their say, tell them you understand how they feel (perhaps they don’t agree with what you want to spend your pocket money on, or they don’t like the job you’re dreaming of) and you'd like to have a chance to explain yourself. Try to come to a compromise that makes you both happy. If the time still isn’t right, save the conversation for another time.

Talking to the adults in your life may seem like a challenge at times, but these tips will certainly make it a little easier for you.