All eyes on YOU:

How to shine when the attention is on you

All eyes on YOU:

Being in the spotlight can feel scary. When all eyes are on us, it's easy to let those self-doubt feelings creep in. No matter how confident someone might seem, everyone has moments of insecurity and apprehension. The great thing is that confidence is a skill we can all learn. These tips can help you to unlock the fabulous, confident inner-you and shine even brighter when you are in the spotlight.

1) Focus on your strengths
No-one on earth is good at everything, but all of us are good at something. We need to focus on these strengths. Loving ourselves and seeing our worth is not selfish, but in fact really important for becoming more self-assured. Do you have a gorgeous singing voice? Put on a concert for friends! Do you have a passion for writing? Why not write a story for your local newspaper? Do you love athletics? Organize a fun match between friends.

Write down one thing you love about yourself every day. You can start a buddy system and share these positive thoughts with a friend. Focusing on all the things you admire about yourself will boost your confidence and make you shine!

2) Treat yourself kindly
All of us make mistakes, mix up words, or trip up from time to time. That is part of being a human being. The imperative thing is that you are kind to yourself in these moments and pick yourself up. They are all learning experiences and will make you stronger. Try not to dwell on the things that didn’t go to plan and focus on all the things that did!

3) Lean on those around you
All of us experience fear and nervousness, no matter how old we are. The key to feeling more confident is to know that it's okay to ask for help and to surround yourself with positive people who uplift you. Reach out to a trusted friend when you feel nervous and if you are giving a speech or doing a performance, ask if you can rehearse in front of them.

4) Say goodbye to comparison
There will always be people who are better at certain things than us. They might get better grades, or be better at sports, but guess what? They aren't YOU. They don't have all your dreams, and ideas. Your originality is your magic, and the world would be a pretty dull place without you in it!

It’s important to recognize all your talents and the unique value that you bring to the world. You are valuable and you deserve to shine! Focus on all your strengths because believing in yourself will make you shine even brighter! Just like the star you are.