Are you struggling to find direction?

Here are some tips

Are you struggling to find direction?
  • Try new activities when you have the opportunity. You may find a natural talent you never knew you had!

  • Encourage yourself by thinking positively instead of negatively. For example, say to yourself, ‘I am courageous, ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘I can do this.’

  • Find friends and mentors who support you to develop your talents. Friends can build your self-confidence by encouraging you to keep trying even when you feel down. They also notice when you do well and celebrate with you. Surround yourself with positive friends who encourage you.

  • Everyone going through puberty feels strong emotions. When you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, it can help to take deep breaths, to do something active like dance or take a walk (if it’s safe), or to find a trusted person to talk to.