Boost your confidence: Part 1

Make your own mantra

Boost your confidence: Part 1

Confidence isn’t a destination; it doesn’t just happen to you one day. It’s a journey, and you can take a step along the road every day.

Making your own mantra can inspire and motivate you. It can help you build your strength to deal with each new day, its challenges and chances.

All about you
Finding a mantra that works for you is the first step. Be as honest with yourself as you can about what scares you and what makes you feel good about yourself.

Try writing down the last time you felt proud of yourself, or the last time you felt inspired. When you read back what you’ve written, focus on how each phrase or word makes you feel and pick out the ones that give you a lift.

The words that have the most power for us might be the ones that squash our fears. If we feel intimidated by people a simple ‘I am equal’ might work, or for someone who worries about being quiet ‘I don’t have to be loud to be strong’ might help them embrace their true nature.

Or we can create our mantras out of our talents, or the talents we want to nurture in ourselves. If you’re creative, positive, hard-working or caring – whatever feels the most important to you, have your mantra describe the best parts of you.

Live it
Once you have your mantra, the next step is to make it part of your life. Our mantras should be our theme tune when we walk and our light bulb when we feel dull. So find ways to work your mantra into your day.

Write it, draw it, keep it in your wallet. Say it into the mirror or sing it to your favourite tune. Get creative. Make it a logo, stick it on your toothbrush or inside your shoes. Or pick out the main words and make it your password.

Sending ourselves a positive message every day can make us brighter and bolder. And when the effect wears off, we can pick a new mantra and do it all again.