Boost your confidence: Part 3

Helping makes you happier

Boost your confidence: Part 3

Doing good feels good. So if we look for ways to help people, we can help ourselves be happier and more confident too.

You have a lot to offer.
If we ask our friends and neighbours, we can probably find someone who could do with a hand.

Remember to offer help with a skill that’s unique to you. Noticing the little things you’ve done well can make you feel good, boost your confidence and help you think bigger next time.

If you play an instrument or you’re great with numbers, you might make a great tutor. Take a look at your community noticeboards and you might find local libraries, schools or hospitals are looking for volunteers. What could be better for your self-esteem than being able to do something you’re good at (and enjoy) – and be appreciated, because you’re helping out at the same time.

Lending a hand, an ear, or shoulder
Apart from developing our skills and talents, helping others can connect us to the people around us too. Life gets busy. Sometimes your problems can get on top of you. But setting them aside to help someone, or even just listen and chat, can help us realise we’re not alone in our worries.

If you tend to find yourself feeling tense about what others think of you, it can be comforting to discover that, often, just when you think people might be watching and judging what you’re doing, that’s when they’re most tied up with their own thoughts and concerns.

When we worry about being judged, it can help to remember no-one gets everything right all the time - and most of us worry when we don’t. But the people who count are the ones who know you and love you for you. Try not to worry about the people who haven’t seen your better yesterdays and won’t be around for your stronger tomorrows.

Passing it on
Sometimes it can be hard to accept help from someone if you feel you can’t make an offer in return.

Could you help organise a Good Deed Day in your community when people make time to help each other? Making an occasion of it can make it feel easier for people to get involved, accepting help as well as offering it back.

Or maybe you can team up with friends to give a class at something you’re all good at? You may be surprised at how much people appreciate your talent, how much fun you can have sharing it, and how much it can build your belief in yourself.