Do what you love… with your parents’ support!

Use these 3 magic words

Do what you love… with your parents’ support!

Pria was 14 when she developed a love for music. She was walking home from school one day when she heard the most beautiful melodies coming from a building in the distance. She followed the sound and it led her down a narrow road to a building. There she saw a group of young people like her singing and playing a variety of instruments. She was mesmerized.

Pria was peeking around the corner trying not to be seen. She noticed the instructor was her science teacher from school. How strange she thought. What was he doing teaching music? Her phone suddenly started ringing. It was her mum calling. The loud noise made her noticeable, so she jumped up and ran out.

The next day in science class her teacher, Mr Rajen, said to her, “Was that you, Pria, I saw peeking around my music class yesterday?” Pria nodded her head in embarrassment.

“Would you like to learn to play an instrument?” asked Mr Rajen.

Pria knew the love she felt for music was no whim. She was curious about exploring that passion so she said yes. However it would take a lot of work to convince her parents.

“I don’t think my parents will allow me,” Pria mumbled.

Mr Rajen then gave Pria some advice when seeking support from parents or guardians:

1. Be committed

When you’re young it’s easy to get distracted. Everything sounds fun and exciting, but you can’t do it all at the same time. If your parents are going to spend money on music lessons they need to be sure you’ll stick with it and not give up if you get bored. Remind them of times when you’ve been dedicated and committed.

2. Passion, passion and more passion

Show your parents how passionate you are about learning an instrument. Talk to them about your love for music. Talk to them about how music makes you feel and why you have what it takes to be a good musician.

3. Share your vision

What are you hoping to gain from learning a new instrument? Let them know! Show them all the new skills you will learn and all the new opportunities you can get from music. Especially the financial opportunities. Also talk about how it can impact your future in a positive way.

You may not be trying to learn an instrument, but these tips can be applied to any passion project you wish to take up.