Help, I’m sad and lonely

And don’t know how to get better

Help, I’m sad and lonely

Feeling sad and lonely? You’re not alone. It’s normal to feel down. Maybe you’re sad because of something that’s going on in your life, like failing a test or missing a loved one. Or maybe you’re just stressing about your body changes. Here’s what you can do to feel better…

Positive attitude: It’s difficult to feel positive when you feel isolated and everything around you feels grim. But you have to try and remind yourself of all the things that make you amazing. Things like being kind, not being afraid to start again when you get something wrong, or anything else that you’re good at.

Keeping a notebook also helps. Write stuff that makes you feel great, like motivational quotes about your worth, strength and purpose. Do something small every day and you’ll be better in no time. If you get stuck on what to write about yourself, speak to your parents or guardian and ask them what your good traits are.

Get a hobby: Join a club or start one. Hanging out with people like yourself is good for laughs and self-esteem. Let’s say you love reading; start a book club that meets at your local library or at school. You can also try sports and art groups.

Do good: Look around your community. Is there an organisation that needs volunteers? Or try your neighbourhood. Is there an old person who needs someone to help them go to the market, or someone who needs help with homework? Before doing good, remember that your safety comes first. Get an adult you trust, like a parent or teacher, to help you find the best organisation or person to help.

Get it off of your chest: Tell an adult you trust what’s happening inside you. Opening up about your feelings is a good way to start healing. If you don’t have a trusted adult in your life, call your local child support lines or visit a hospital.

With the right support, things do get better.