It's not you! It's me!

Learn how to cope with people when you’re an introvert

It's not you! It's me!

Hands up if you’re in the Introvert Club!

You’re an introvert feel energized when you spend your time alone, recharging. You want to make some time for just being alone, doing your favorite things: reading, catching up with shows, drawing or just rearranging your room.

Do all introverts just sit around the house all day? No, way! You get out and have fun. You just have fun in a different way.

Being an introvert doesn’t make you antisocial. It’s’re the kind of person who enjoys your own company. And nothing is wrong with that!

Being an introvert is sometimes tough, because the whole world is in love with extroverts. Extroverts gain their energy through socializing and spending time with other people. Both introverts and extroverts are the complete opposite of each other!

So how to deal with people if you’re an introvert? How to react when your friends are giving you the guilt trip because you just found the best book ever and spending the whole night chatting sounds like the worst thing ever? What to do when you want them to know that you care and won’t stop caring?

Well, you just have to show it. If your friends know you well enough, they will understand. And if they don’t? Explain it to them. Show you care in another way. Write letters or send some care packages. It really works. Connect with people in a way that is true to who you are.

Rather than losing your soul at the mall, invite your friends to the park or on a nature hike. Bring people into the things you love — and watch your friendships with people in your life become deeper and more meaningful.

Being an introvert means that you’ve probably spent a lot of time figuring out who you are, so be true to that. Know who are, be who you are, and spread joy to the people you care about — just do it in a way that’s natural!