Stop being mean to yourself

You deserve better!

Stop being mean to yourself

Did you know your mind is like a battlefield. It’s natural to have both positive and negative thoughts battling with each other up there. They are just fighting for your attention. At times it can feel like the negative thoughts are winning, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. In every battle there are strategies for winning and that’s exactly what you are – A WINNER.

So let’s get down to business, so you can learn how to kick those negative thoughts out and stop being mean to yourself. Are you ready to do some work, Springsters? Good. Grab a pencil and notepad.

Step 1 – Keep things in perspective

When we allow negative thoughts to take over our minds, we usually end up forgetting all of the other amazing things about ourselves. So whenever a negative thought pops up we need to train our brain to think of a positive one straight away. In your notepad write how you turned a negative thought e.g nobody really likes me into a positive thought e.g I’m a loving and caring person, and people love me just the way I am.

Step 2 – How do you see yourself?

You become what you believe. So if you believe you can’t achieve your goals, you most likely won’t achieve them. Instead, believe positive things about yourself. Have a morning mantra that you can repeat every morning. For example you can say:


Write it down 100 times if you have to and scream it loud so the world can hear!

Step 3 – Let go of the past

Isn’t it strange how memories of mistakes are so ingrained in our minds but good memories are so distant? If you spend all your time thinking of your mistakes then you’re not going to be a very confident person. So, in your notepad, write down one of your failures or mistakes and underneath write what you’ve learnt from it. Focusing on what you’ve learnt instead of the mistakes you’ve made will make you smarter and happier in life!

A positive attitude doesn’t appear overnight but you can make a choice every single day to be nice to yourself and remember the good things about you.