Think there’s no one to talk to?

There are adults you can trust

Think there’s no one to talk to?

My name is Satu. I am 13. My parents live in a small village. They could not take care of me and my 4 brothers. So I came to live with my aunty and uncle in the city. I’ve been here since June last year. I was very lonely when I first came to the city.

My aunty and uncle have three big sons. My aunty travels a lot for her business. So I wasn’t very close to her. I felt I had no one to talk to. When I started my period last month, I didn’t know who to tell.

Then I met Rita! She came to my school last term and she became my desk partner. I was so happy. She’s really nice and also brilliant. I tell her everything. Even when I have problems with boys in school.

Since we are the same age, Rita said she can’t help me with everything. She said I need an older person to talk to. She said I should talk to my aunty. Just because my aunty travels does not mean we can’t be close. She told me to give her a try before giving up completely. I was a little scared, but I told my aunty about my period last week. She was great! She told me all about what was happening with my body. Even some stuff Rita did not know!!

Rita showed me that I don’t have to be scared to share my problems. Adults are usually happy to help, all you have to do is ask! Even if my aunty is away, I can now talk to the guidance counselor at our school. I have found people I can trust. Even my big cousin, Mark. Sometimes, I go to him for advice about boys and he makes things so simple to understand.

Now I know I shouldn’t keep quiet if something is wrong. If you have a problem and need someone to talk to try these tips:

  1. Find an adult you trust, like your mum or a teacher.
  2. Think about what to say first and even practice saying it before you begin.
  3. Imagine the conversation going well, which will help you feel less afraid!

Adults have a lot of wisdom and experience so don’t be shy. They have the answers!